The Columbus Neighborhood of Clintonville

Distinctive Updated Clintonville Apartments

“Thank you for all you have done to make my renting experience a great one. I really enjoyed the cozy little apartment and it has been a pleasure renting from you.”
3081 Indianola Ave.

" I have had mostly unpleasant experiences renting in Columbus since moving here, and have had nothing but positive experiences from you. I appreciate it, felt like you cared as a landlord and were fair and timely with us at all times. Thanks for everything"
54 East Cooke Rd.

“I enjoyed my 13+ years at this apartment. Thanks for being a great landlord!”
124 Clinton Heights Ave.

“Thanks for being such a fantastic landlord. I have been very impressed by your diligence and follow through. The best landlord I ever had!”
5811 North High St.

“I truly enjoyed living here and you have been a wonderful landlord; very attentive which has made my transition to Columbus much easier. I sure am going to miss this place; it has been wonderful.”
2868 North High St.

“Thank you for being the most responsible landlord I have had the pleasure of working with.”
12 Nottingham Rd.

“It has been a wonderful nine years in a place that has grown on me as the years passed. I've been able to live, work and relax in this great location. I already have some friends asking to come and look at the place! I will pass on their names and numbers only if they pass my inspection.”
14.5 West Tulane Rd.

“I’ve rented five apartments in the last 27 years and you’re the best landlord I've ever had. Thank you so much for keeping up the maintenance of your property, improvements to the building and quickly fixing things we needed.”
3155 Dorris Ave.

“Thanks for everything, I greatly appreciate all the things you've done over the years and I had a wonderful time living in this place.”
21 West California Ave.

“Thank you for being an excellent landlord and helping us discover Clintonville these past few years. Because of living at 62 E. Cooke, we decided to make Clintonville our permanent home!”
62 East Cooke Rd.

“Thank you for being a great landlord over the years. You always responded to issues in a quick and timely fashion. I absolutely loved the time I spent living in my apartment.”
3081 Indianola Ave.